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       Piranha Products can meet your Wood Packing needs, by building durable custom
      wooden crates to protect your valuable cargo during shipping, or if necessary to last
      for years of warehousing and storage.
     We are a complete Wood Crate Manufacturer in Orange County
             Wood Crates for:

    Durable Goods Manufacturers' Equipment Shipping Crates

    Machinery Manufacturers' Custom Wooden Crates & Pallets

    Mass Produced Commercial Crates & Wood Boxes

    Extra Large Industrial Crates & Heavy Duty Wood Skids & Bases

    Reusable Shipping and Storage Crates & Custom Pallets

    Reusable Trade Show Crates & Corrugated Packing Boxes

    Military Specification (Mil-Spec) Packaging

    Hi-Tech Electronic, Satellite & Aerospace Containers

    ISPM-15 Certified Export Crates with "HT" Stamp

             SPECIFICATIONS: Wood Boxes and Wood Crates

    PPP-B-601 - Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Cleated Plywood Crates

    PPP-B-621 - Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Nailed & Lock-Corner

    ASTM D6251 - Standard Specification for Wood Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes

    ASTM D6039 - Standard Specification for Crates, Wood, Open & Covered

    MIL-B-2427 - Military Specification for Boxes, Ammunition Packing: Wood, Nailed